The Parenting Book (English)


It’s every parent’s dream to raise their children in such a way as to enable them to become successful, loving, and well-adjusted human beings. But as a parent, you may have already discovered that there are many voices in the world today giving what seems like conflicting advice. The voices of the past generations seem dusty and irrelevant to the fast-paced societies in which we live today. Yet the voices of today’s generation seem to lack the wisdom that comes from experience.

It is our sincere belief that the secret to parenting success is within your reach today. In fact you will take hold of some of these secrets by getting your hands on this book. It’s not long, so we know you can fit it into your busy schedule. Take the time to become a successful parent. We spend many years at school learning to read, write and so much more. Why not spend time learning to become a better parent? Why do we think it’s all going to happen naturally? It doesn’t, you know. In this book you will find some practical and down-to-earth advice to help you raise your young family. Much of the advice found in this book comes from principles found in the Bible. These principles have been tried and tested over the centuries and, the amazing thing is, they can be applied to any situation, even today!